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4 Beers To Pop On New Year’s Eve

Most people will drink champagne on New Year’s Eve. Why not change it up this year? Here’s 4 beers you should be drinking when 2017 hits.

Beer Banter

VIDEO: Beer Plumbing Prank

We’re not quite sure if this is a prank or a gift…

Beer Banter

August 5th is National Underwear Day!

So we curated a list of 10 terrible beer boxers and briefs to make you both cringe and smile. Happy underwear day — and remember, “fashion before function”.

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Craft Beer vs Crafty Beer Infographic

The pop tap on what is craft beer has once again been opened and a new word introduced to the lingo: Crafty Beer.   Want to be part of the debate? Tell us what you think on Just Beer. Read more pieces on this heated industry topic. If I B U I’d Seriously Read More:

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What’s Your Beer Name?

Use your initials to find your beer name; tag @justbeerapp on social if you share…