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What Style of Beer Should You Drink? How to Choose a Beer You’ll Actually Like

Are you struggling to find a beer to be your “go to” drink? Are you usually asking yourself, “what should I drink tonight?” JustBeer has grouped popular beer styles into seven main beer profile categories to help you find beers you will like based on flavours you already know and love. Continue reading to find the right beer for you.

What Style of Beer Should You Drink? How to Choose a Beer You’ll Actually Like

It doesn’t matter if you are an aged beer drinker or you just became legal drinking age, because of all the different beer styles, profiles, and flavours, it can be difficult to judge if you’re going to like a beer just by looking at a drink menu. It’s extremely disappointing having a beer poured for you and knowing at first sip (or smell), that you’re not going to be enjoying the rest of your pint.


It’s time to find the right beer for you!

Are you the type of person that panics as soon as you see the waitress coming because you’re still struggling to pick a beer from the [what seems like] hundreds of completely different beers to choose from? Continue reading to learn how you can order a beer you’ll know you love every time!


How to Find Out What Type of Beer You Like

Lots of brewers brew their beer based on popular flavours, such as coffee, citrus fruits, and bread. When choosing a beer try to identify the flavour of the beer. To help you out, JustBeer has grouped tons of popular beer styles into seven main beer profile categories to help you find beers based on flavours you already know and love.



If you’re a fan of macro beers, like Budweiser and Canadian, You probably like crisp and clean beers.

Crisp beers are highly carbonated and have a clean finish to keep the drinker feeling refreshed. These beers typically have low IBUs and ABVs and are given the nickname “Summer Beers” because they are perfect for any hot, summer day and “high crushable”.

Click here to learn what beer styles fall under the crisp and clean beer profile, plus our favourite “crisp and clean” beers around Canada.


Hoppy and Bitter

If you love your coffee black, You might like hoppy and bitter beers.

When it comes to bitter and hoppy beers, a lot of the time you’ll either love them or you’ll hate them. Hops are usually the dominant flavour in these brews and are quickly increasing in popularity within the beer industry. So, if you’re a “no cream, no sugar” type of coffee drinker, this just might be the beer for you.

Click here to learn what beer styles fall under the hoppy and bitter beer profile, plus our favourite “hoppy and bitter” beers you need to try.


Dark and Roasty

If you purposely catch your marshmallows on fire, You might enjoy a dark and roasty beer.

Beers that fall under this beer profile usually have bold flavours such as coffee, chocolate, and toasted notes. These brews are perfect for cuddling up in front of a fire.

Click here to learn what beer styles fall under the dark and roasty beer profile, plus nine “dark and roasty” beers that should be on your beer bucket list.


Malty and Sweet

If you love Werther’s Originals, You probably will like malty and sweet beers.

Sweet and malty beers are for anyone who loves bold flavours as these beers often have strong malt flavours. The palate of malty beers can have varying levels of sweetness and deep notes of nuts, caramel, toffee, bread, and dark, dried fruits.

Click here to learn what beer styles fall under the malty and sweet beer profile, and 10+ “malty and sweet” beer suggestions.


Smokey Beers (1)

If you prefer your meat to be smoked, You might like smokey beers.

Smoke beers are just what you’d think they are. Smoky. Lots of smoke beers also have a woody and sometimes burnt flavour. If you’re a fan of anything with a “woody” flavour or if you prefer your barbecued meats with a lingering taste of charcoal, you will love smoked beers.

Click here to learn what beer styles fall under the smoke beer profile, and which ones you should try first.


Fruity Beers

If your favourite dessert is anything with fruit in it, You will probably love fruity and spice beers.

Fruit and spice beers are perfect for anyone with a slight sweet tooth and are looking to step out of their beer comfort zone or try something new. The best part about drinking a fruit or spice beer? These unique brews are super versatile, can be drunk at any time of the year.

Click here to learn what beer styles fall under the fruit and spice beer profile, plus “fruit and spice” beers we think you will enjoy.


Sour beers

If you enjoy wine more than beer You might like sour, tart and funky beers.

Beers that are considered sour, tart or funky range widely in flavours and characteristics. Some are light and slightly acidic, some are more dark and bold, while others are eccentric and sour. Sour, tart and funky beers are becoming a trend in the beer industry because many brewers like to be unique and set themselves apart from other local breweries.

Click here to learn what beer styles fall under the tart, sour and funky beer profile, plus our favourite “sour, tart and funky” beers.


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