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Beer Banter

Beer Mug Pool Floatie

The perfect way to show everyone at the beach that you’re serious about beer.

Beer Banter

Beer Culture: The Full Length Movie

This is a great movie about the history, growth and popularity of beer in the US and more specifically Colorado. If you love it as much as we did don’t forget to download the follow up “Crafting a Nation.”

Beer Banter

VIDEO: People Try Popular Beer From Around The World

Beer Banter

VIDEO: The Women of Ontario Craft Brewing

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we, the Ontario Craft Brewers, want to send a shout-out to all the fantastic women who are in the forefront of Ontario’s Craft Brewing Revolution!

Beer Banter

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer

Here are some interesting beer facts that even Beer Geeks might not know.