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Beer Banter

VIDEO: London Beer Flood

This may sound crazy, but it’s true. In 1814, a beer tidal wave killed 8 people in the streets of London. Watch these videos and learn more about it.

Beer Banter

Heineken’s Hysterical Walk-In Beer Fridge Ad

Beer Banter

VIDEO: Psycho Dad’s Easter Beer Hunt

Easter beer hunts should be fun, but this poor dad did not think so. Hope yours went better than this one. WARNING: Viewers discretion for coarse language.

Beer Banter

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer

Here are some interesting beer facts that even Beer Geeks might not know.

Beer Banter

5 Funniest Beer Commercials

These five commercials are hysterical and just a small spoiler alert we are really proud that one of them is from a local Alberta brewery!