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Your “American Craft Beer Week” Barroom Cheat Sheet

Understanding that this is American Craft Beer Week and that you’ll probably be out drinking every night of this week – we thought we’d arm you with just enough interesting beer stats to ensure that you’ll look like a craft beer genius at the many events you’ll find yourself at this week.

Your “American Craft Beer Week” Barroom Cheat Sheet

American Breweries Are At An All-Time High

And it’s because of passionate supporters like you…so Cheers!

According to the Brewers Association, there are now more than 5,300 breweries in the U.S. And about 99% of those are small and independent craft brewers, like the places you’ll be enjoying throughout American Craft Beer Week.



The Craft Beer Industry Continues To Grow

According to the BA’s most recent annual report the craft beer biz grew 6% in 2016 and although that’s a step back from the double-digit growth it’s been experiencing for the last decade, it’s still a number that most industries would be pumped to champion, especially when you consider that the number of American breweries in operation last year, grew an amazing 16.6 percent over 2015.

You’ll also wow your barroom buddies when you casually drop that the craft beer industry provided nearly 129,000 jobs last year, that’s a 7,000 job increase over 2015!

You should also mention that the South sizzled in 2016 when it comes to craft beer and that four states in particular – Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Texas — saw an increase of more than 35 breweries in their regions in 2016.

IPAs Continue Their Reign

You’ll probably get less of a reaction when you nonchalantly comment that the IPAs are still America’s most popular beer style especially when that’s exactly what most of your barroom buddies are drinking at the time.

But you will get some run in the room when you let it slip, that craft beer fans are increasingly transitioning to more sessionable styles – and that beers like golden ales, pilsners and pale lagers are becoming more popular.

Essential Pop Cultural Beer Factoids Sure To Impress

If you begin to worry that you’re overwhelming your barroom gathering with one beer stat too many, take a more user-friendly route and blindside them with Astounding Beer Factoids like….

Beer Built One Of The “Seven Wonders Of The World” (the great Pyramids),

Or that…

Hops And Marijuana Are Kissing Cousins (always a crowd-pleaser!).

So enjoy your American Craft Beer Week, and please behave, we’re begging yah.


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