1000 IBU by Mikkeller Brewing in California, United States

About 1000 IBU by Mikkeller Brewing

Brewed as an experiment to see much hop one can put in a beer. To ensure that the 1000 IBU be a pleasant experience, equal quantities of sugar try to keep the bitterness in check. Luckily, the sugar doesn’t stand a chance. This beer is just meant to be dominated by hops.

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego is a new brand deeply rooted in the friendship of two world renowned breweries, (Gypsy Trailblazers) Mikkeller and (Legendary) Alesmith. The vision is to merge the best craft beer traditions of Europe and Southern California, while employing a curiosity in exploring the boundaries for modern beer brewing.

Mikkeller Brewing makes 1000 IBU American Double / Imperial IPA