110K+OT 9th Batch by Cigar City Brewing Company in Florida, United States

About 110K+OT 9th Batch by Cigar City Brewing Company

Sometimes a lot isn’t nearly enough. For the times when a lot plus a bit more is called for we proffer the 110K+OT series. The 9th iteration of 110K+OT is an Imperial Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Brown Ale clocking in at 23.7 OG, 7 FG, 39.4 SRM. If you don’t know what all that jargon means the gist of it is this; it’s more than you deserve. A lot more. And a little more than that too. If you require further explanation about what 110K+OT means, go to ratebeer.com, create an account and ask in all capital letters “WHAT IS 110K+OT?”

At Cigar City Brewing we make beer we like to drink and toast those who choose to drink with us. Behind all our beer is the philosophy that quality is achieved by giving first rate ingredients to first rate people in a space where they are free to pursue their passion. We acknowledge that what we do at Cigar City Brewing isn’t for everyone, but we welcome all.

Cigar City Brewing Company makes 110K+OT 9th Batch American Double / Imperial IPA