18 Juillet 1853 Grisette by Siboire in Québec, Canada

About 18 Juillet 1853 Grisette by Siboire

Begun in 1845, the St Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad was inaugurated on July 18, 1853. Considered by many to be the first chapter of the Canadian railway epic, this railway line will forever transform the city of Sherbrooke.

Since Grisette is historically a working-class beer, July 18, 1853 is a tribute to the thousands of workers who built this access connecting Portland (Maine) to Montreal. Its very low alcohol content, its touch of acidity and its light body would no doubt have made it a popular beer to refresh them after their hard days at work!

Made by Siboire

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Siboire makes 18 Juillet 1853 Grisette Saison / Farmhouse Ale

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