2015 La Muerta EC12 by Freetail Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About 2015 La Muerta EC12 by Freetail Brewing Company

A growing South Texas tradition, La Muerta is brewed each year for Dia de los Muertos in honor of our departed friends and family. A big, lush Imperial Stout, La Muerta is full of roast, smoke and chocolate flavors from an array of specialty malts that go into this garnet-black ale. La Muerta will age wonderfully for years to come – we recommend enjoying one now and save some for the future, if you can. ¡Salud!

San Antonio’s a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. It paints to the stroke of its own brush. And it rocks to the tune of its own guitar. Just like Freetail. A little bit of that San Antonio flair goes into each and every can of beer we brew—the food, the art, the music, and culture.

Freetail Brewing Company makes 2015 La Muerta EC12 American Double / Imperial Stout