2nd Set Pilsner by Urban South Brewery in Louisiana, United States

About 2nd Set Pilsner by Urban South Brewery

Gold Medal winner - 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championships

A full bodied, unfiltered Bohemian Pilsner brewed exclusively with German hops and malts. 2nd Set is crafted with show goers on mind, as this Pilsner is sure to carry you to the 2nd Set!  

Welcome, friend, to Urban South. It’s a place where fast-paced meets laid-back, where charm and grit mingle, and where everything’s shared. Down here, we share meals, laughter, and our homes. And we love sharing our work with you. We've set the table for a pretty serious party, honoring modern Southern values with worthy and daring beers. We’d be honored if you’d join us.

Urban South Brewery makes 2nd Set Pilsner Czech Pilsner