4 Mile Brown Ale by 4 Mile Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About 4 Mile Brown Ale by 4 Mile Brewing Company

This is our Grande Damn Wham. A big bodacious classic English style brown ale. Could we use more superlatives? Why yes we can. Five luscious malts including crystal, chocolate & roasted barley are nuzzled together to create a full-bodied malty beer with notes of caramel, mocha and coffee and chocolate. It saturates the palate, rolls off the sides and down the gullet. It’s an affable accomplice to a hearty beef stew, bacon gorgonzola risotto, or a day at the beach eating peanut butter cookie dough right out of the tube wrapper.


Our history brews a tale from 1858. From brothel to ghosts, sea captains & rogues. Now beer.

4 Mile Brewing Company makes 4 Mile Brown Ale English Brown Ale