4 Mile Golden Ale by 4 Mile Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About 4 Mile Golden Ale by 4 Mile Brewing Company

We call this beer our crispy tart bombshell. It is a satisfying golden blond Canadian style ale. Nice long legs with a crisp dry clean finish. Just a flash of sweet. Very approachable. A subtle balance between malt & a blend of three North American hops. So highly drinkable you just might end the glass with a deep sigh. This beer loves nothing better than a monster bowl of fresh steamed clams, a midday brunch of smoked salmon eggs Benny, or a midnight fridge raid for something that’s not gone green that you can fire into the Panini grill.

Our history brews a tale from 1858. From brothel to ghosts, sea captains & rogues. Now beer.

4 Mile Brewing Company makes 4 Mile Golden Ale American Blonde Ale