4 Mile Pale Ale
4 Mile Brewing Company

4 Mile Pale Ale

British Columbia, Canada
5.1% ABV • IBU 38 • SRM 7

This beer will give your taste buds a vigorous grapefruit spank. Yes, it’s had a proper British upbringing, but with a sharp left turn. That’s where its West Coast hoppy vibe comes in. British malts rumba nicely with the best quality West Coast hops. A decidedly moreish quaff of malty madness. A grassy roll in the hay topped off with a crisp citrus slap. Hoppy but not over the toppy. Smack your lips and dig into a wasabi-laced sushi platter, deep dish key lime pie or a tin of chili right out of the can at 2 a.m.

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