5535 IPA by Odyssey Beerwerks in Colorado, United States

About 5535 IPA by Odyssey Beerwerks

Life is an epic, and wherever it takes us, it’s nice to have a place to call home. 5535 IPA is our beer version of home, named after our starting and ending point – the brewery.

This American IPA pays homage to “West-Coast” style IPAs by using tropical fruit-forward Mosaic hops in balance with the classic citrus punch of Cascade. In staying true to our roots, the malt bill features a bit more oomph to compliment the large hopping schedule, and pours a rich amber into the glass. Wherever you wind up, we invite you to call 5535 home with all of us.

Take our Odyssey on your Odyssey...

Odyssey Beerwerks makes 5535 IPA American IPA