5th Anniversary Brett IPA by Powell Brewery in British Columbia, Canada
Powell Brewery

5th Anniversary Brett IPA

7.6% ABV

About 5th Anniversary Brett IPA by Powell Brewery

A Hazy IPA aged in Pinot Noir Barrels with Brettanomyces  for 6 Months. The beer pours a cloudy orange colour with a white head. The aroma consists of brett funk, floral hops, pinot noir and oak from the barrel aging. The flavour is of brett funk, citrus rind, tropical fruit, melon, pinot noir, oak, resin, yeast and bitterness. The alcohol content comes in at 7.6%. This is a definite winner of a beer and very worthy of being the 5th Anniversary beer!

Made by Powell Brewery

Powell Brewery is a small, independent microbrewery owned and operated by husband & wife team, David (Brewer) and Nicole (Operations).

Powell Brewery makes 5th Anniversary Brett IPA American IPA

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