86 Lagér by Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About 86 Lagér by Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company

2 Month Mixed Fermentation Blend — 86 Lagér is a barrel-fermented beer made with Lager and Brettanomyces yeasts. It’s a blend of 12 month California and Spanish Red Wine barrels and is lightly dry hopped with Saaz and Strisselspalt. While in barrel, rogue acidifying microorganisms infiltrated a couple of the barrels leading to an unexpected dimension: medium light acidity! The resulting blend has floral hop notes, balanced red wine fruitiness, bright citrus, and stone fruit aromatics. Brewers love the result, but this acidification method has been forever 86’ed from their production playbook.

At the Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company we have great passion and reverence for beer, and we will be going to great lengths to make exceptional beer that our customers will cherish. Some people say they'll make great beer; some will follow through with this promise, while others will not. We're committed to doing something special every time we brew.

Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company makes 86 Lagér American Wild / Sour Ale