928 Local Farmhouse Ale by Wanderlust Brewing Company in Arizona, United States

About 928 Local Farmhouse Ale by Wanderlust Brewing Company

A truly local beer. Brewed in the spirit of the small farmhouse breweries that were so popular in Belgium and France in the not so-distant-past. Wanderlust started with a distinctly Belgian recipe with a healthy base of pilsner malt and some munich malt to give it a little fullness. They than add some American and Czech hops to give it a bit of spiciness, and move into their fermenters. At that point, they add in their house strain of ‘wild’ yeast which was cultured from some locally pressed cider. A little funky, and a little spicy, it’s the perfect blend of flavors for this ale. When fermentation is going full-tilt, Wanderlust kicks it up another notch with several pounds of honey from their local beekeeper here in Flag. This gives it a nice dryness for such a big beer and some amazingly tantalizing flowery aromas.