Abandoned Abbey by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Abandoned Abbey by Big Rock Brewery

You don't have to be a monk or a nun to appreciate the reverent qualities of this Abandoned Abbey. From its deep mysterious colour, to its rich malty flavour with hints of fruits and spice, to its elaborate texture, to its potent, heady strength… this Belgian-style dark ale is a memorable feast for all the senses. No abbeys were abandoned, or harmed, in the making of this beer.

This brew is copper -brown with a light creamy head and a slight bitter taste. This beer exhibits a considerable depth of fruity, peppery character. A dark, very rich, complex, strong Belgian ale.

Tastes great with roast pork with prunes, peking duck with plum sauce, well-marbled steak, cheeseburgers, lamb, slow cooked beef (short ribs), hearty soups and stews, chili and cassoulet.


Proud Early Bird of Craft Beer

Big Rock Brewery makes Abandoned Abbey Belgian Strong Dark Ale