Aeternum by OverHop Brewing Co. in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
OverHop Brewing Co.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9% ABV • IBU 70

About Aeternum by OverHop Brewing Co.


Gold Medal at the Mondial de la Bière du Rio de Janeiro 2019. Brewed with Briess Midnight Malt, rich foam that persists, 10% hidden alcohol, subtle deep. This beer is a true Imperial American Stout.

TASTING NOTES:  On the nose, coffee and chocolate. In the mouth it is smooth, and there are notes of espresso and cold brewed coffee. Moderate bitterness.

FOOD PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS:  Feta, stilton, gorgonzola. Flavourful blackened Ribeye, especially with garlic butter and truffle fries. Dark beef or venison stews, Steak pies, American-style barbecue. Dark chocolate cakes and desserts, Vanilla ice cream.  


OverHop Brewing Co. makes Aeternum American Double / Imperial Stout