Altbier by Creemore Springs in Ontario, Canada
Creemore Springs


5% ABV • IBU 28 • SRM 16

About Altbier by Creemore Springs

Brewmaster, Gordon Fuller and Head Brewer, Bryan Egan headed to Düsseldorf in search of inspiration. They returned with something better: A 200-year old piece of yeast from a German brewery, which was used to create our very own authentic version of Altbier.

It has a rich, almost nutty malt forward character with a supporting cast of fruity tones. Try this beer with roasted meats, sausage, shellfish, rye, camembert, & warm apple strudel. It’s so versatile, you can drink it with almost anything.

For a small-town operation, we have a great selection of beer. All inspired by the time-honoured tradition of European brewing. So whether you like it big and bold or smooth and refreshing, we’ve got you covered.

Creemore Springs makes Altbier Altbier