Gladstone Brewing Company


British Columbia, Canada
4.3% ABV • IBU 36

German for “Old Beer” Altbier is a very old style of brewing that utilizes top-fermenting (ale) yeast and long, low temperature fermentation (lagering.) This process results in a beer that is smooth and slightly creamy like an ale, but also crisp and refreshing like a lager. Historically, Altbier hails from the Westphalia region of Germany and the city of Dusseldorf.

The Alternator is a very clear, deep amber with ruby highlights. Aromas of bread and mild malt sweetness rise from an off white persistent head. Initial taste is mildly sweet malt and toasty, bread crust flavours, finished by dry, bitter hop sharpness. All flavours are well balanced, and neither stands out strongly against the other. Despite the relatively dark body, the dry finish makes the Altbier quite refreshing, even in warm weather.