Amber Ale by Oakshire Brewing in Oregon, United States

About Amber Ale by Oakshire Brewing

Originally homebrewed by Oakshire’s founders Jeff & Chris Althouse, this amber is an outstanding and versatile ale that is traditionally crafted with the highest quality ingredients. This American Amber Ale is brewed with 60 and 120 lovibond crystal malts, chocolate and roasted barley malts. This malt driven ale derives hop character from a first wort addition of crystal hops as well as flavor and aroma additions from Crystal and Cascade. A small amount of bitterness balances the malt body providing a clean, dry finish.

Founded in Eugene, Oregon in 2006 with the mission to brew fresh, unique and delicious beers while acting for strength, independence and community.

Oakshire Brewing makes Amber Ale American Amber / Red Ale