Ambre De La Chaudiere by Mill Street Brewery in Ontario, Canada
Mill Street Brewery

Ambre De La Chaudiere

7% ABV • IBU 19

About Ambre De La Chaudiere by Mill Street Brewery

This is a northern French style of farmhouse ale traditionally made in the winter months and then laid-down in a cellar for drinking throughout the year. This one is a traditional amber beauty presented unfiltered with the yeast still in it add to the slightly fruity/spicy aroma and creaminess of the palate. Named after the famous Chaudiere Falls beside Mill Street's Ottawa brewpub, this beer pays homage to a time gone by when honest craftsmanship and simplicity were truly valued.

Mill Street Brewery began in Toronto, Ontario in 2002. Today, Mill Street has 6 brewpubs open across Canada in Toronto, Mississauga, St. John's, Ottawa and Calgary. Check out Mill Street Brewpub's list of craft beers, contact info, and more.

Mill Street Brewery makes Ambre De La Chaudiere Saison / Farmhouse Ale