Ambush Juicy Pale Ale by Trouble Brewing in Leinster, Ireland
Trouble Brewing

Ambush Juicy Pale Ale

Leinster, Ireland
5% ABV

About Ambush Juicy Pale Ale by Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing's flagship beer, and the beer that they like to think helped popularise the New England IPA style in Ireland. It spent over a year in development but brewers feel the finished product bears out the fruits of our labour. It pours a deep hazy gold with a large white head thanks to the additions of wheat, oats and an extremely generous dry hop. Mango, fluffy clouds and pineapple come through on the nose, flavours that are borne out on the taste, accentuated by a soft texture and a very subtle dryness. Pair with burritos, Hawaiian pizza (if you’re into that kind of thing) or a summer salad.

Made by Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing is a 100% Irish-owned and independent brewery, located in Kill, Co Kildare. Everything we do is driven by the desire to produce the highest quality, best tasting beer for our fellow beer lovers.