American IPA by Brasserie Vrooden in Québec, Canada

About American IPA by Brasserie Vrooden

In 1790, George Hodgson was the first British brewer to export a Pale Ale to India with a very high bitterness for its conservation during its long journey. This beer, the India Pale Ale, made the fortune of many breweries before the export gradually stopped at the end of the 19th century. We owe the American version of the IPA to Bert Grant of the Yakima Brewing Company which in 1981 brewed the first American IPA with local hops. This beer started the explosion of this style in the United States and elsewhere that we know today.

We brew genuine German beers, by the methods and ingredients used, without compromising on taste and quality!

Brasserie Vrooden makes American IPA American IPA