Amos was born in 1868 in Metz, a city that was for a long time the beer capital of Lorraine.

The Amos emblems refers to the legend Gambrinus, the king of the beverage he is said to have invented by entering into a pact with the devil: beer.

Amos, winner of the Prix d’Excellence in Brussels in 1962, is a lager brewed in the purest Lorraine tradition, a luxury beer packed with flavour and just the right amount of bitterness.

A coppery blond beer with a white foam of tiny bubbles that burst before stabilising.

Smell :

A good malty smell, with slight floral notes.

Taste :

A bitterness that gradually amplifies until it fills the entire mouth and releases distinctive cereal notes.

Overall impression :

Very thirst-quenching, the bitterness is preceded by a mild hint of cereals.