Anadromous Black Sour
Anchorage Brewing Company

Anadromous Black Sour

Alaska, United States
8.5% ABV • IBU 30 • SRM 100

Brewed with Summit Hops. Aged in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels with Brett, Pedio and Lacto. Triple Fermented.


Ales in Comparison - Review

Anadromous refers to fish that travel up river from the sea to spawn, which explains the awesome salmon-like fish on the label. The cork and cage bottle popped, allowing the carbonation to quickly make a break towards freedom. Thankfully there was no overflowing this time around, but there was a substantial, albeit short lived, dark brown head. The beer itself also poured a deep brown color that was similar to an imperial porter. As the beer sat in the glass the head shortly faded to a ring of cola-like bubbles. Lacing was mild, mainly appearing when the glass was agitated.

Even though I had never had a “Black Sour Ale”, the aroma was where I knew this beer was going to be unique. Wood barrel, chocolate, Pinot Noir, and peanuts were the most dominant scents. An acetone/nail polisher remover aroma came in as it warmed up, but thankfully wasn’t strong enough to overrun the more pleasurable aromas.