Anadromous Black Sour by Anchorage Brewing Company in Alaska, United States

About Anadromous Black Sour by Anchorage Brewing Company

Brewed with Summit Hops. Aged in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels with Brett, Pedio and Lacto. Triple Fermented.


Ales in Comparison - Review

Anadromous refers to fish that travel up river from the sea to spawn, which explains the awesome salmon-like fish on the label. The cork and cage bottle popped, allowing the carbonation to quickly make a break towards freedom. Thankfully there was no overflowing this time around, but there was a substantial, albeit short lived, dark brown head. The beer itself also poured a deep brown color that was similar to an imperial porter. As the beer sat in the glass the head shortly faded to a ring of cola-like bubbles. Lacing was mild, mainly appearing when the glass was agitated.

Even though I had never had a “Black Sour Ale”, the aroma was where I knew this beer was going to be unique. Wood barrel, chocolate, Pinot Noir, and peanuts were the most dominant scents. An acetone/nail polisher remover aroma came in as it warmed up, but thankfully wasn’t strong enough to overrun the more pleasurable aromas.

Founded by brewer Gabe Fletcher, Anchorage Brewing Company is one of the newest breweries to open in Alaska.