Animal Farmhouse Ale by Honolulu Beerworks in Hawaii, United States
Honolulu Beerworks

Animal Farmhouse Ale

5.5% ABV • IBU 25 • SRM 5

About Animal Farmhouse Ale by Honolulu Beerworks

The nose of Farmhouse is lead by vibrant aromas of fig, peach and freshly baked bread. The same yeast used in our Pia Mahi’ai helps create subtle flavors of clove and soft peppercorn that are layered on top of hints of apricot and dried fruit. A gentle hop presence provides a touch of herbal notes and a wonderfully dry and crisp finish. 

Our mission is to bring the Oahu community together. We hope to accomplish this by offering craft beer that everyone can enjoy.

Honolulu Beerworks makes Animal Farmhouse Ale Saison / Farmhouse Ale