Apex Double Pils by Bomber Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Apex Double Pils by Bomber Brewing

The second “Apex” beer to come from Bomber Brewing is a Double Pilsner called just that, the Apex Double Pils. Pouring this beer from the Canadian-hockey inspired bomber bottle it is golden-straw in colour and pours with close to two fingers worth of lacing head. The aroma is light with notes of citrus and pine along with a light booziness. Rather hop forward on the nose, tasting the Apex it has a big body and starts things off in the flavour with that piney, citrus from the nose. Not overly bitter, the flavour is quite hoppy and has a distinct malty character that comes out mid-way through the tasting. A bitterness builds along the lingering pine character and finishes with a warming, lightly boozy tone. The Double Pilsner is a rare style in BC and is more often referred to as an Imperial Pilsner. This is a nice representation of the style with a bit more hop character than is typical for such a brew.

Made by Bomber Brewing

Start up brewery located at 1488 Adanac St. in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bomber Brewing makes Apex Double Pils American Double / Imperial Pilsner