Appleton E.S.B. by Hoyne Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Appleton E.S.B. by Hoyne Brewing

Frank Appleton started it all.  He dreamt up, then engineered and built B.C.’s very first Craft Brewery, the Horseshoe Bay Brewing Co.  On that early system he brewed the very first batch of Craft Beer in B.C.  He went on to build numerous other breweries, and along the way he taught many brewers how to become Brewmasters, Sean Hoyne included.  He has passed the time-honoured craft of brewing fine beer onto a whole generation, so please, let us all raise a glass to Mr. Frank Appleton, and say Thanks!

Made by Hoyne Brewing

The newest addition to Victoria's Rock Bay Brewing District. We are committed to producing (& drinking) high quality, innovative craft beer.

Hoyne Brewing makes Appleton E.S.B. Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)