Apricot au Poivre Saison by Nebraska Brewing Company in Nebraska, United States

About Apricot au Poivre Saison by Nebraska Brewing Company

A Saison (Say-Sahn) is a Belgian Farmhouse Summer Beer, referring to the simple fact that very small “farmhouse” breweries typically made these beers.  Lighter in alcohol, ours is 7.5% (not exactly light but that’s just us!) and golden to orange in color and unfiltered. Ours is spiced with both Apricot puree and Black Pepper.  The taste is light, refreshing and nicely fruited to start. Medium mouth-feel. After taking a drink, the black pepper dries the palate and creates a nice tingling sensation on the tongue.

Nebraska Brewing Company was formed in November of 2007 and has established itself as a Midwest Innovator of quality Craft Beers & Barrel-Aged beers

Nebraska Brewing Company makes Apricot au Poivre Saison Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Awards & Achievements for this Saison / Farmhouse Ale