Arcus Pilsner by Driftwood Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About Arcus Pilsner by Driftwood Brewery

The Arcus breaks trend however as it is a classically styled pilsner. This beer has a light golden colour and has a finger and a half of lacing head. The smell is quite intense for a pilsner with big notes of German malt, citrus character and a crisp, freshness. The flavour is lighter than the aroma suggested with a mellow lager-like character. The citrus character is muted but makes a small appearance. The cereal flavour of the German-style malt comes through in a bigger than expected body and smoothness. This is an easy drinking pilsner but has a refined nature on the palate that the craft beer connoisseur will undoubtedly appreciate.

We love great beer! In fact, we live it! We are a proud little crew, working hard to brew & deliver the beers, we love, to you. At Driftwood, we strive to expand the landscape of quality beer in British Columbia.

Driftwood Brewery makes Arcus Pilsner German Pilsener