Asahi Style Free
Asahi Breweries Ltd.

Asahi Style Free

Tokyo Metropolis Prefecture, Japan
4% ABV

Asahi Style Free is a carbohydrate-free *happoshu-type beer that offers a relaxing fragrance and refreshing aftertaste. This “relaxing fragrance and refreshing aftertaste” extracted from fine aroma hop and other fine ingredients creates an overall “clear” taste even while retaining the subtle character of barley.

* What is Happoshu?

According to the Alcohol Tax Law, happoshu are sparkling alcoholic beverages that are partly produced with malt. The percentage of malt that must be used in its production is striclty regulated. Happoshu must have less that 67% malt content in relation to other raw materials, excluding water. Alcohol tax varies according to the malt percentage that has been used for its production.