Avarice & Greed
Roadhouse Brewing Company

Avarice & Greed

Wyoming, United States
7.4% ABV • IBU 35

It has been said that all knowledge becomes a deadly weapon in the hands of avarice and greed.  This beer dances on a razor sharp line between two distinct flavor profiles.  Two yeast strains work collaboratively to create a uniquely soft mouthfeel, and dry finish.  It is symbiotic.  For if either were to decide to upset the system, to upend the social order, all would be lost.  For now, they live in peace and harmony.  Knowing however, that at any point one could overtake the other in a zero sum game of lust and greed. Drink this one with reverence.  Enjoy the moments you can share with it, knowing they will not last.

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