Backdraft Blonde by Firehall Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About Backdraft Blonde by Firehall Brewery

A session beer that tastes like “CHEERS!”

We heard firefighters like blondes. In case of dry palate, extinguish thirst with this clean, crisp, clear party beer.

The difference between Lager and Ale is the yeast chosen by the brewer. Ale yeast ferments at the top of the tank, usually around room temperature. Ales have been brewed since the dawn of civilization. Lager yeast ferments at the bottom of the tank, usually at cooler temperatures. Lagers have been brewed for only a few hundred years. The discovery of clear glass caused beer clarity to become a priority, so big businesses chose the clear, light version of lager to mass-produce and flood the market with. But lagers range from clear & light to dark & heavy, just like ales. Backdraft Blonde Ale is our answer to pale lager, but offers the beer-lover much more traditional character because of the vigour of ale fermentations.

Extinguish Your Thirst with the Beer of Wine Country

Firehall Brewery makes Backdraft Blonde American Blonde Ale