Barley Pop Cola Altbier by Muddy York Brewing Co. in Ontario, Canada
Muddy York Brewing Co.

Barley Pop Cola Altbier

Limited Release
5.2% ABV • IBU 30

About Barley Pop Cola Altbier by Muddy York Brewing Co.

It’s a hot day and you’re craving something cool and fizzy. Perhaps a beer? A soda? Why not have the best of both?! Introducing a modern twist on a classic style, Barley Pop Cola Altbier, a Muddy York and Left Field Brewing Cola-boration.

Earlier this year, the Muddy York finally put their heads together with their long time friends and neighbours in the east, Left Field Brewery to brew up something special. When they came to the table to discuss what to do (in pre-pandemic times, of course), the crew at Left Field were hankering to brew a more traditional style, which is something Muddy York often does. Muddy York, on the other hand, were longing to experiment with new flavours and innovations, something the team at Left Field does really well. The result? A beer that perfectly represents both worlds. A traditional German Altbier infused with flavours and aromas of your favourite cola!

Nice to meet you! We’re Muddy York Brewing Co., a small batch brewery in the East York area of Toronto.

Muddy York Brewing Co. makes Barley Pop Cola Altbier Altbier