Barley Wine 2015 by Parallel 49 Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Barley Wine 2015 by Parallel 49 Brewing

In the late 18th century the English decided to create the strongest beer they could, just for the aristocracy...A beer as strong in alcohol as it was in flavour. We decided to pick up where the brits left off and barrel age this complex Barley Wine for almost 2 years; creating a brew truly fit for royalty.

The granddaddy of English ales, this beer pours a tawny amber and boasts a huge malt flavour. Aging in whiskey barrels for 10 months has added a woody vanilla note that will age beautifully. This beer begs to be cellared.

Three of Parallel 49’s founders grew up together in East Vancouver less than ten minutes from the spot where the brewery now stands. Mike, Nick, and Anthony had been avid home brewers and craft beer enthusiasts for years before they finally decided to turn their shared passion into a full time gig.

Parallel 49 Brewing makes Barley Wine 2015 English Barleywine