The Baroness by Fat Bottom Brewing Co. in Tennessee, United States

About The Baroness by Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

Bertha von Suttner, the first female to win a Nobel Peace Prize, took bold steps with a calm spirit. That’s exactly what The Baroness achieves by aging our traditional Bertha Oatmeal Stout in bourbon barrels – a smooth and spicy brew for every lord and lady.

The bourbon character is present, but balanced by a richness from the malt and oats. Cherry and vanilla swarm the palate complementing an oaky finish. We wanted to make a beer that was moderate in ABV and full of flavor. This beer aged for over a year as we moved from our old brewery, to our new facility. We then blended, to taste, the barrel aged version with fresh beer from our new brewery. We hope with every sip you can experience the story we are trying to tell. Cheers.

We make beers that are bigger and sexier than what you’ll find at your local bar. Our beers are built around a wide variety of styles from around the world, and proudly brewed in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Bottoms up!

Fat Bottom Brewing Co. makes The Baroness American Stout

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