Barque Belgian Golden Strong Ale by Lighthouse Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Barque Belgian Golden Strong Ale by Lighthouse Brewing Company

In the Uncharted Series of craft beer from Lighthouse Brewing Co the Barque takes you on “a thirst for adventure” as a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. At 8.2% this is a big and bold beer coming from Victoria BC. Pouring from the bomber bottle the Barque appears as a deep golden colour topped with a finger’s worth of settling head. A Belgian-yeast laced aroma comes with a lightly sweet and malty package for what will surely be a smooth and big tasting beer. On the first sip the Barque comes with a mid body and a defined malt flavour. A honey sweetness and Tripel-esque flavour kicks the package up a notch but surprisingly does not come across as being boozy. The Barque is well balanced and a delicate balance of Belgian and Golden Ale flavours. The Barque is a big beer that plays the role of a much more sessionable beer.

Lighthouse Brewing Company is a quality first, progressive-thinking Craft Brewery making great beers for great people since 1998.

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