Barracks Brown by Wild Rose Brewery in Alberta, Canada
Wild Rose Brewery

Barracks Brown

5% ABV • IBU 22 • SRM 32

About Barracks Brown by Wild Rose Brewery

Wild Rose's Barracks Brown pays homage to their own taproom - building AF 23 - in the Currie barracks, and all those soldiers who raised a glass here before them. From a classic English recipe perfected long before Canada became a country, Barracks Brown has become a modern favourite.


Sondra Baker
The Beer Maven
Boasting a deep luscious brown and a consistent off white head. Slight notes of espresso and chocolate in a light easy drinking vessel.  Born from an old English recipe this brew pays tribute to the Wild Rose taproom (building AF-23 in the Currie Barracks) and those brave beer loving soldiers who shared many a beer there.

Wild Rose Brewery is a Calgary brewery that makes beer with natural ingredients and the spirit that makes Alberta wild, strong and free.

Wild Rose Brewery makes Barracks Brown American Brown Ale

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