Barrel Aged Porter by Monteith's Brewing Company in West Coast, New Zealand
Monteith's Brewing Company

Barrel Aged Porter

West Coast, New Zealand
6.5% ABV

About Barrel Aged Porter by Monteith's Brewing Company

A delicious dark beer influenced by American oak pinot noir barrels. Meticulously monitored to achieve optimum balance of oak and pinot, overlaid with the rich, malty dark flavours of the porter. Racked off and filtered with a final flourish of dry hops to add a slight edge.

Great match with roasted dark meats, game meat casseroles, a stewed stone fruit pie dessert or soft blue cheese.

At Monteith’s Brewing Co. we take pride in the quality of our brews to ensure only our best makes it to market. So if you do find some that’s not up to scratch then please hold on to the bottles as we may ask you to send them to us so we can figure out what went wrong.

Monteith's Brewing Company makes Barrel Aged Porter American Porter