Bavaria 8.6 Original

Bavaria 8.6 Original

Limburg, Netherlands
8.6% ABV

8.6 is a special blond beer with its own distinctive character. A powerful and strong beer with a golden haze, pleasantly sweet and viscous in its aftertaste. Full in body giving a rich mouth filling sensation. 8.6 Original has a fruity palete thanks to a sublime fermentation process. Expressly fruity and flowery on the palete, warm and full of character. Strong in alcohol content, an elegant, clear blond beer. Complex in flavour, beautifully balanced. Brewed with natural mineral water from Bavaria's own spring and the best barley malt, wheat and hop.

Pleasant aroma with plenty of fruit tones and anise thanks to unique fermentation techniques. On the refreshing and clean nose you can smell the sweetness of grain, which reminds you of freshly baked bread and fruitiness thanks to the yeasts. This beer has a distinct body: rich and powerful. An intense flavour full of fruitiness and spiciness gives this beer a rich and full character with tones of liquorice, anise and dried fruit with a long taste, a finish that lingers and a beautiful aftertaste.