Bavarian Pilsner by Volfas Engelman in Aukštaitija, Lithuania
Volfas Engelman

Bavarian Pilsner

Aukštaitija, Lithuania
4.6% ABV

About Bavarian Pilsner by Volfas Engelman

The Bavarian nature of pilsner is the naked truth, as its creator is a German Josef Groll. This Bavarian brewer was invited to Pilsen city where using new technologies and light malts, in 1842 cooked and presented the first batch of pilsen beer. Pilsner sort has become so popular and spread all over the world that in Germany even at present it occupies about a half amount of all the produced beer.

Made by Volfas Engelman

Volfas Engelman is an alcoholic beverages manufacturer in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Volfas Engelman makes Bavarian Pilsner German Pilsener