Bayou Brunette by Cajun Brewing in Louisiana, United States

About Bayou Brunette by Cajun Brewing

A rich, dark brown appearance with a frothy off-white head. Malty aroma with a hint of hop spiciness. Is big in malt flavor, slight caramel and chocolate notes, with just enough hop bitterness to balance out the sweetness. Medium-full bodied and a smooth finish.

Made by Cajun Brewing

Located in the heart of Cajun country in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cajun Brewing is proud to be the first brewery in a dynamic city known for incredible food and unmatched hospitality. At Cajun Brewing, we’re dedicated to showing the world that Cajuns are not only great cooks, but also darn good brewers.

Cajun Brewing makes Bayou Brunette American Brown Ale