Beachstone Bitter by Sober Island Brewing Company in Nova Scotia, Canada

About Beachstone Bitter by Sober Island Brewing Company

Classified as an “english bitter”, but who the heck named it that, anyway? Beachstone is far from bitter. It’s smooth, malty, and has a slightly spicy finish. Maybe you’ll have to see for yourself. Hey, it’s nothing an adventurous spirit like yourself can’t handle.

There’re only about two months of the year that you can venture on a Nova Scotia beach in a bikini. But there’re 12 months that you can appreciate the roaring surf, the strong wind, and the perfectly round beachstones that look so pretty alongside a can of this beer.

The #NSCraftBeer wave hits the Eastern Shore! We are a small town brewery with big ideas.

Sober Island Brewing Company makes Beachstone Bitter English Bitter