Bearded Seal by Pinthouse Pizza in Texas, United States

About Bearded Seal by Pinthouse Pizza

Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the Bearded Seal is 'must have' at the brewpub. Pinthouse Pizza North's director of brewing was the only person in his class at an Irish Catholic School growing up that had no Irish heritage in his bloodline. Despite that fact, St. Patrick's Day is still one of his favorite holidays. He loves jet black pints topped with creamy white heads, and gets a bit surly when people say stouts are only for cold weather. This Dry Irish Stout is a little bolder than the commercial example most people are familiar with and is filled with aromas and flavors of roasted coffee and dark chocolate balanced with a nice dry finish.

Made by Pinthouse Pizza

Pinthouse Pizza is a craft brewpub. Craft informs everything we do on a daily basis. Because we are hand-made, in-house, and a little bit old-school, attention to detail and passion for our work drives our success.

Pinthouse Pizza makes Bearded Seal Irish Dry Stout

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