Belgian Blond by New Limburg Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About Belgian Blond by New Limburg Brewery

This Belgian Blond Ale derives its unique fruity and spicy character from its yeast, most notably citrus, pear, and slight peppery notes. It is sweet upfront and finishes dry with a noticeable alcohol warmth. Despite its high alcohol content, it is still surprisingly refreshing and easy-drinking. This beer is unfiltered and bottle conditioned, having undergone a secondary fermentation in the bottle, providing natural carbonation and allowing the beer to develop in complexity after packaging. It is brewed using mostly pilsner malt and a generous dose of sugar to really dry the beer out, like a typical Belgian. It’s hopped with Saaz from the Czech Republic and German Hallertauer to provide bitterness and a slight noble hop flavour.


New Limburg Belgian Style Ales. Big. Refreshing. Flavourful.

New Limburg Brewery makes Belgian Blond American Blonde Ale