Belgian Kriek by Licorne Brewing Co. in Bas-Rhin, France

About Belgian Kriek by Licorne Brewing Co.

The combination of wheat beer and cherries, the fruit of an age-old tradition among brewers in the Brussels area, updated for the modern palate…

Mild and fruity, low in alcohol and designed to be enjoyed very cold, Belgian Kriek cannot fail to to enchant the most delicate of palates!

A passionate red colour topped by a creamy foam.

Smell :

An intense, unequivocally cherry-infused nose.

Taste :

A slightly tart attack is counterbalanced by a voluptuous and sweet follow-up in the mouth. The finish is fresh and without any after-bitterness. It has the refreshing mildness and smooth foam of the Blanche, whilst it draws its bright red colour and slight tart, fruity bouquet from the cherry juice.

Overall impression :

A beautifully balanced beer, which has earned it the delightful nickname of "Mon Amour" (My Love).


The Licorne brewery is situated in Saverne, Alsace, a region known for its long-standing connections with beer and brewing. Proud of its home town, the brewery has chosen a unicorn ("licorne") as the emblem to represent the company. Synonymous with purity, strength and independence, the unicorn became the emblem of the town of Saverne in the 16th century. Legend has it that the unicorn dipped its horn in Saverne water and that since then it has been clear and pure, ideal for making beer.

Licorne Brewing Co. makes Belgian Kriek Lambic - Fruit