Belgian Pale Ale by Old Abbey Ales in British Columbia, Canada

About Belgian Pale Ale by Old Abbey Ales

Cinnamon spice combines with blood orange, papaya and a hint of vanilla. The use of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis as a secondary yeast means the beer has a note of barnyard funk.

Brettanomyces yeasts can digest sugars unavailable to regular brewers yeasts – by using Brett as a secondary strain we can access these and add a new dimension to a beer. Brett flavors can range from tropical fruit to farmyard and sour notes dependant on the strain used.

The Belgian pale ale style was orginally designed to compete with pilseners and British pale ales. Our beer continues in this tradition of innovation – combining the complexity and richness of flavour associated with Brett beers with an approachable, easy drinking style.

Made by Old Abbey Ales

Old Abbey Ales produces premium and ultra-premium craft beer with a focus on Belgian style ales.

Old Abbey Ales makes Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Pale Ale