Belgian Stout by El Chivo Gruñón in Baja California, Mexico
El Chivo Gruñón

Belgian Stout

Baja California, Mexico
4.4% ABV

About Belgian Stout by El Chivo Gruñón

Diseñada con base en el estilo tradicional irlandés pero con el toque Mexicano, una cerveza oscura de cuerpo firme, con cargas de malta tostada, chocolate y notas de café, ingredientes que le dan la cantidad justa de amargor y especias asociado a su levadura belga, características que la hacen única.

Designed based on the traditional Irish style but with the Mexican touch, a dark beer of firm body, with loads of roasted malt, chocolate and coffee notes, ingredients that give it the right amount of bitterness and spices associated with its Belgian yeast, features that make it unique.

The richest malts, the most aromatic hops, the freshest species and the most pristine waters are only counted in the field. With the experience and knowledge of working the field, we select the best ingredients to make an authentic ranch beer ; Pure and unique flavors for sophisticated and successful people like you.