Belle California Sparkling Ale
Devil's Canyon Brewing Company

Belle California Sparkling Ale

California, United States
6% ABV

Brewed in the French style using champagne yeast (not a Belgian or Farm Style) Belle ™ is our interpretation of a Californian version of a sparkling ale. Belle is a high-end yet versatile beer that spans every occasion; from wedding receptions to horseshoes at the park.

Patrons will immediately observe the tiny, fine lace bubbles and light golden color when Belle is poured.

Effervescent with a sweet, dry finish, there is no star ingredient; balance is the name of the game.

Belle is brewed with a proprietary blend of traditional noble hops, a pilsner-style barley base, and imparts overtones of apple, apricot, a touch of lemon and a bread-like finish.

Though light in color, at 6% abv. Belle is loaded with layers of complex flavors while maintaining a well-rounded balance.